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S W Neil Plumbing Sales & Services Ltd. was started in 1985 and has, since then, become one of the most prominent businesses of its kind in Jamaica. We have tripled our staff size from 6 to over 18 experienced personnel and offer the widest range of products from rubber washers to the most massive & luxurious whirlpool baths and steam units.

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Such immense growth (mostly through word of mouth) has come from years of experience in providing excellent products, service and always doing great business with our valued customers.

With over 40 years of experience, the concept of excellent service is no longer hoped for, but is expected. Our experienced, hands-on staff are well-equipped to tackle any plumbing services necessary. Nothing is overlooked.

At S.W.Neil, perfection is always at the forefront. Our Managing Director, Stenton Neil, is an absolute perfectionist and trained plumber. Our Finance & Admin., Director Beverley Neil, is a sharp and serious-business lady. Our Marketing & Sales Manager, Danielle Neil, has a keen eye for appeal. This, blended with the skills of the rest of our staff, helps us achieve perfection.

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